We enjoy nothing more than playing intimate shows, the ones where an audience are listening and any silence is deafening. Some of the best moments like these have occurred during the various house concerts we have been fortunate enough to play at, whether it's for 12 people in a lounge or for 90 people in a tailor-made performance space within a home.

We encourage audience participation in these events - it is a much more open forum where we like being able to open a dialogue with listeners, essentially making these gigs a way in which we can connect with our audiences on a much deeper and intimate level and ultimately, create an unforgettable experience for all.

Below is a downloadable guide to hosting your own house concert; also, feel free to read through some of the feedback we have received from satisfied house concert hosts in the past.

We look forward to assisting you with your own personal mini-concert in the near future! :)
In 2014 and 2015 I was running Sunday night house concerts from my home in Constantia, known as the Reservoir. Many wonderful musicians came and played there, but among the best were Hatchetman. From my perspective as the host, they were professional and reliable and communicative, which made my job so much easier. But of course the best thing was their music. These 3 guys made magic with their lovely songs, beautiful harmonies, and their great stage presence. The crowd loved them! And of course once people have heard them, they definitely want to come back for more!”

— Caroline Blundell

Having Hatchetman play in our home was one of the best music experiences I have ever had. Their soaring voices, timeless musicality and the warmth of friends and family in such an intimate setting made for an unforgettable evening. Some of the best musicians in SA, literally filling homes with harmony - it doesn't get any better than that!”

— Gabriella Garnett

I've had the privilege of hosting 2 music picnic concerts in my garden and both times Hatchetman Band have produced the most wonderful relaxing kind of music and harmonizing, ideally suited for this laid back comfortable social event. I would recommend them every time!”

— Ethelene Galgut

With reference to the Hatchetman concert held on 12 December 2015 in Hermanus at our house, in short, just the following: When we built our house in 2010, we had house concerts in mind and since then we have had various concerts in our house. The house also serves as a venue for concerts during the FynArts festival in Hermanus. We have staged various kinds of concerts, ranging from classics, jazz, caberet to pop and rock. Having Hatchetman in Hermanus during December was a great success.We normally limit seats to 80, but with Hatchetman we had to squeeze in more than 90 people. The people who normally attend our concerts are classical music fans and I was a little bit worried on how they would experience folk rock. Suffice to say that even these classical music fans were mad about the music of Hatchetman! That says something for your perfomance. I am of the opinion that the kind of music performed by Hatchetman is ideal for house concerts and would recommend that you focus on this kind of venue for your concerts. This does not mean that Hatchetman should not perform at other venues, on the contrary, your sound is big enough for large concert halls as well as open air concerts. All of the best!”

— Pieter Stofberg