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A New Beginning v2 :P 

Hey there friends and family of Hatchetman.  2018 has been an eventful year for the band, to say the least... 

The band started the year on a hugely positive note, playing the Route 62 Unplugged Festival in Robertson, sharing the bill with Francois van Coke, Manouche and Jack Parow to great acclaim. We were also part of a hugely successful gig hosted at the Cape Farmhouse by our management group, Sit the Folk Down alongside sibling acts The Shabs and Nomadic Orchestra. Along with signing a publishing deal with Shoreline records, Hatchetman seemed, once again, poised to take over the world. 

Alas, this has not quite worked out as hoped for owing to the usual circumstances out of our control. 

Steph, our wonderful guitarist, will be out of commission for the next four months on Paternity leave and we would like to wish him all the best as he welcomes his second child into the family. We look forward to welcoming him back into the fold from August when he returns from France. 

Alex, our bass man extraordinaire, has decided to seek his fortunes abroad as he relocates with his family to Spain in September and we can only imagine the greatest success for him there. 

Alex came into Hatchetman at a time when we were at our lowest point and not only resurrected our flagging spirit, but injected a creative energy and positivity that brought this line-up to previously unimaginable musical heights. It is with great sadness that we bid him farewell and wish him all the best for the future. 

What this means of course is that we have been very quiet on the gigging front of late as we have been tucked away in rehearsals with replacements in order for the band to continue. Big plans are afoot for the next three months, the band will be hitting the gig scene hard again to prepare for our first tour in two years. 

We have been accepted for the National Arts Fest once again and for this year, have planned a tour up the Garden Route to culminate in a week run at the festival. We have dates booked in Wilderness, Knysna, PE and St Francis and are looking very forward to hitting the road again! 

In other news, as part of our quest to spread the Hatchetman music as far and wide as possible, Matt and Jono have formed a "side project" acoustic duo, still performing under the Hatchetman moniker but as a much reduced unit. This duo is available across the board for small gigs, corporates, house concerts and anywhere that a drum kit can't fit ☺ 

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon, please keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on our upcoming gigs. 

All the best, 

Matt and Jono

A New Beginning 

Hey Everyone 

We have some news! We have, of course, been quiet of late what with Nick's departure and all but there is good news! 

We have found a wonderful musician, Alex Searle, who has, in a very short space of time, brought a sizzling new energy and injected a lightness of spirit into the band. 
We are very excited about all the new possibilities that are opening up and have big plans for the future!

As things stand, we have a bit of catch up to do and will be spending the next couple of months tucked away in a rehearsal room getting to know one another and getting the music up and happening again.

We are looking at hitting the gigging scene in a big way again from September (1st day of spring, regrowth, changing of the seasons, rebirth, all the lovely hippie mystical stuff 😊) and have a residency at The House of Machines lined up, Every Friday for the month of September to start off with so look out for that!

In the mean time, we have a special offer of a free download of the lead single of our recently released debut album, "Cool Morning" available from our Music page.

The song will only be available for free download for 10 days so be sure to click on the link and do the thing!

Rad, we'll catch up again soon :)


Hey Folks 

It's been a while since we've been in touch, things got crazy around our album launch and we've all taken a bit of a breather after that. 

We have some pretty big news to announce and that is that one of our founder members, Nick feels unable to fulfil his current role in Hatchetman and will be leaving the band next month. 
We've had a wild time together, some incredible shows, some real moments and produced some music that we are collectively very proud of. 
Matt and Jono are still committed to keeping the Hatchetman flag flying and we will keep you updated as things unfold. 

We wish Nick nothing but the best for his future endeavours and would like to thank him for three odd years of passion, hard work and beautiful music. 
For now, we have two gigs left as the original lineup and we'd love to see full houses to say cheers to our bass man! 

A message from Nick:

"This decision hasn't been easy but feels like the right one at the right time. Firstly, I must acknowledge my bandmates. You guys have helped shape my ideas on the power of acoustic music and together we've expressed the immense value close harmony singing adds to people's lives. I wish you guys all the best. Secondly, big appreciation to the folks at the Alma Cafe for everything. And finally, to all those who've come to live shows and supported Hatchetman over the last 3 years, huge gratitude to you all! Big love!" 

They are one person, 
They are two alone, 
They are three together, 
They are for each other 

- Crosby, Stills & Nash"

Album Teasers! 

Hi All!

So we’ve been super busy in studio, laying the basic tracks for the rest of the album. It’s been going exceptionally well - the basic tracks were done in one day! We’re now spending our time crafting the arrangements and production and are on course for a December release! 

Jono is particularly excited about a new studio development, which is that we’re going to run all the tracks through an old seventies 2 track tape recorder to really warm the recordings up and give it that proper vintage analog feel.  We’ll be remastering all the tracks after that process and are looking forward to presenting a humdinger of a record to all of you! 

We’ve had a lovely run of gigs since the Cape Town fringe, a highlight being our first appearance at the new Cottage Club. 

Looking forward to the next little while, our schedule is picking up again :) 

Cool, we’ll see you all soon!! 

Nick, Matt and Jono

Three Steps Forward! 

Hello, hello, hello!! 

It’s been a little while since we last made contact but don’t think we haven’t been hard at work! 

Looking back, Grahamstown was another wonderful experience for the band. We learnt so much about the reality of the path we’ve chosen, about ourselves as bandmates and above all, gained a renewed, refreshed and strengthened sense of purpose in our music! 

Since our return from the festival we have been running a mile a minute and getting some serious admin stuff under control in terms of setting up the band’s longevity and positioning it as a legal entity - boring as hell but it means we now have control and full license over our future as recording and performing artists which is a tremendously exciting place to be! 

For those of you who haven’t been able to get a copy of our Limited Edition EP, the good news is that our online store is days away from going live and you will be able to order a physical copy of the EP from that store. Stock is EXTREMELY limited though. 

The big news at the moment is that we are once again partnering up with the National Arts Council, this time as part of the Cape Town Fringe with their event taking place towards the end of September. We are planning to make a big splash at this year’s event and need all of you to help us out by showing up at our gigs and applauding loudly from the kitchens! 

Following that,we have plans to record in October but we’ll tell you more about that in due course :) 

See you soon and keep on rockin’ in the free world! 

Jono, Nick and Matt

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 —  — Hatchetman at Bay Harbour Market Bay Harbour Market, Hout Bay Bay Harbour Market, Hout Bay
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Hatchetman & Jenny and the Jameses at The Jagger Lounge The Jagger Lounge, Cape Town CBD The Jagger Lounge, Cape Town CBD
 —  — Hatchetman at Mojo Market Mojo Market, Sea Point Mojo Market, Sea Point
 —  — Hatchetman at Devil's Peak Taproom Devil's Peak Salt River Taproom, Salt River Devil's Peak Salt River Taproom, Salt River
Rootspring House with Nicky Schrire Rootspring House, Muizenburg Rootspring House, Muizenburg
 —  — Hatchetman at Striped Horse The Striped Horse, Muizenberg The Striped Horse, Muizenberg
STFD presents The Shabs & Hatchetman The Black Bone Collective, Woodstock The Black Bone Collective, Woodstock
Hatchetman at The House of Machines House of Machines, Cape Town House of Machines, Cape Town
 —  — Hatchetman at Mojo Market Mojo Market, Sea Point Mojo Market, Sea Point
 —  — Hatchetman at Devil's Peak Taproom Devil's Peak Salt River Taproom, Salt River Devil's Peak Salt River Taproom, Salt River
 —  — Voorkamerfest Evita se Perron, Darling Evita se Perron, Darling
 —  — Hatchetman at Bay Harbour Market Bay Harbour Market, Hout Bay Bay Harbour Market, Hout Bay