Hey Folks 

It's been a while since we've been in touch, things got crazy around our album launch and we've all taken a bit of a breather after that. 

We have some pretty big news to announce and that is that one of our founder members, Nick feels unable to fulfil his current role in Hatchetman and will be leaving the band next month. 
We've had a wild time together, some incredible shows, some real moments and produced some music that we are collectively very proud of. 
Matt and Jono are still committed to keeping the Hatchetman flag flying and we will keep you updated as things unfold. 

We wish Nick nothing but the best for his future endeavours and would like to thank him for three odd years of passion, hard work and beautiful music. 
For now, we have two gigs left as the original lineup and we'd love to see full houses to say cheers to our bass man! 

A message from Nick:

"This decision hasn't been easy but feels like the right one at the right time. Firstly, I must acknowledge my bandmates. You guys have helped shape my ideas on the power of acoustic music and together we've expressed the immense value close harmony singing adds to people's lives. I wish you guys all the best. Secondly, big appreciation to the folks at the Alma Cafe for everything. And finally, to all those who've come to live shows and supported Hatchetman over the last 3 years, huge gratitude to you all! Big love!" 

They are one person, 
They are two alone, 
They are three together, 
They are for each other 

- Crosby, Stills & Nash"

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