Album Teasers!

Hi All!

So we’ve been super busy in studio, laying the basic tracks for the rest of the album. It’s been going exceptionally well - the basic tracks were done in one day! We’re now spending our time crafting the arrangements and production and are on course for a December release! 

Jono is particularly excited about a new studio development, which is that we’re going to run all the tracks through an old seventies 2 track tape recorder to really warm the recordings up and give it that proper vintage analog feel.  We’ll be remastering all the tracks after that process and are looking forward to presenting a humdinger of a record to all of you! 

We’ve had a lovely run of gigs since the Cape Town fringe, a highlight being our first appearance at the new Cottage Club. 

Looking forward to the next little while, our schedule is picking up again :) 

Cool, we’ll see you all soon!! 

Nick, Matt and Jono

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