A New Beginning

Hey Everyone 

We have some news! We have, of course, been quiet of late what with Nick's departure and all but there is good news! 

We have found a wonderful musician, Alex Searle, who has, in a very short space of time, brought a sizzling new energy and injected a lightness of spirit into the band. 
We are very excited about all the new possibilities that are opening up and have big plans for the future!

As things stand, we have a bit of catch up to do and will be spending the next couple of months tucked away in a rehearsal room getting to know one another and getting the music up and happening again.

We are looking at hitting the gigging scene in a big way again from September (1st day of spring, regrowth, changing of the seasons, rebirth, all the lovely hippie mystical stuff 😊) and have a residency at The House of Machines lined up, Every Friday for the month of September to start off with so look out for that!

In the mean time, we have a special offer of a free download of the lead single of our recently released debut album, "Cool Morning" available from our Music page.

The song will only be available for free download for 10 days so be sure to click on the link and do the thing!

Rad, we'll catch up again soon :)

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