Our Story

This foursome combine their prodigious musical and vocal talents to form Hatchetman, a band that, as the name suggests, cuts straight to the heart with songs on life, love, and most things in between. Their soaring harmonies and searing dynamism in the musical accompaniment has brought many a person to tears. The honesty, and a willingness to explore the darker and more tender sides of the human condition, as well as a very personal and human presentation of the same, sets the band apart from many of its contemporaries. Lyrical topics range from heartbreak to a rumination of the multifaceted nature of Cape Town, while musically, the band meets somewhere between folk, rock, funk and acoustically inclined sounds, all delicately underpinned by the poignant, powerful and beautiful blend of three voices.

The band consist of 4 members:

Jono Tait, guitarist and singer, is the son of Richard and Retha Tait, owners of the Alma Café, one of Cape Town’s premier live music venues. A spirited character, and the main songwriter for the band, is very candid in his lyrics as well as his onstage interaction with the crowd.

Matt Catto is the beating heart of the band with his percussive skills (on both cajon and full kit) and his ear for magic harmony lines. Given his upbringing and family background, it was kind of inevitable that Matt would turn out to be a master musician. A member of the Blundell family clan, a prodigious musical family from Cape Town whose roots stretch right back to the origin of the South African folk music scene in the 60's, Matt recalls some of his earliest childhood memories being around music and musicians, specifically singing harmonies.

Nick Catto, bass guitar and vocals. Like his brother Matt, music has always played a massive role in Nick’s life and it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that he would also follow in the footsteps of family members before him. As someone that has been playing the circuit for many years now and with other artists and genres too, Nick brings an array of influences to the table when it comes to his bass playing. These range from folk, to afro pop, to funk and more.

Stephane Corneloup completes the picture. A classically trained concert pianist, Steph abandoned his studies in favour of the electric guitar. His subtle approach to the music and French flair for delivery has been the catalyst for the band to really open up and start testing hitherto uncharted musical terrain.

The band's debut album, Finding Sanity, was recorded throughout 2016 with industry heavyweight, Willem Moller, and is a true testament to their passion and commitment to their music.